Living on the air: WKRP’s Tim Reid (aka Venus Flytrap) pays a visit to Peter Jones’s radio show in 1989. Click on photo to read Peter’s radio recollections.

Peter Jones has had stints as a voiceover talent, talk show host, public radio reporter and music announcer.  In addition to reporting for National Public Radio, Colorado Public Radio and other networks, he has worked in a range of talk formats, from fast-paced drivetime to long-form interviews of politicians, celebrities, authors, artists and more. 

Radio reporting

All stories Colorado Public Radio unless otherwise noted

KGAY launches amid Amendment 2 (National Public Radio)
Modern Crusades: The Christian middle vs. the Christian right (Christian Science Monitor)
The folk-punk of 16 Horsepower (National Public Radio)
Give unto Caesar: Churches taxed? (High Plains News)
Should kids be forced to go to school? (Christian Science Monitor)
Soldier of misfortune: Bob Brown sued for mercenary ads
A night on the streets with the Guardian Angels
Allen Ginsberg howls once more
A day at the polo club (with Ginger Baker)
Choose or Lose: MTV rocks the vote
The price of rock and roll: Remember when we used to lament $100 ticket prices?
Attractive candidates: A good look at good looks
Quixotic candidates and the media windmills
Motorcycle clash: The debate over helmets
A final tour as Denver’s Stapleton Airport comes in for a landing
All the world’s a stage for Henry Lowenstein
Starring Colorado: Can the state play itself in the movies?
The murder of talk host Alan Berg brought to life
The death of capital punishment?
Co-housing: The new old-fashioned neighborhood
Sea-level dolphins in the Mile High City?
The end of the party for the Conference on World Affairs
Negotiating the Israeli-Palestinian conflict one teen at a time
Rock and no rules: The strange but true story of Flash Cadillac
Paul Lynde and the high camp of low-brow cinema

Talk show excerpts

Steve Allen (Ticket to Ride on KNUS-AM)
Steve Allen continued
Tommy Smothers (Morning Edition on Colorado Public Radio)
Legalized-gambling debate (Morning Edition on Colorado Public Radio)
Game-show host Bob Barker (Ticket to Ride on KNUS-AM)
Actress Dana Plato (Pop Goes the Culture on KBX-AM)
Santa Claus (Prove It! on Working Assets Broadcasting)
Garrison Keillor (Morning Edition on Colorado Public Radio)
James Brown and his Soul Center of the Universe Bridge (Morning Edition on Colorado Public Radio)
Palm Springs Mayor Sonny Bono (Ticket to Ride on KNUS-AM)
Real witches on Halloween (Morning Edition on Colorado Public Radio)
Ann B. Davis of The Brady Bunch (Pop Goes the Culture on KBX-AM)
Wolfman Jack (Dumas After Dark on KBX-AM)
Ask Dr. Science! (Pop Goes the Culture on KBX-AM)
Dr. Science continued
Albert Goldman, author of The Lives of John Lennon (Dumas After Dark on KBX-AM)
Actress Lee Meriwether (Pop Goes the Culture on KBX-AM)
Who killed JFK? intro only (Prove It! on Working Assets Broadcasting)


A tough act to follow: Katie Stapleton and female cantaloupe (KBX-AM)
Peter Jones as the hick deputy (KBX-AM)
Optical-services commercial (KBX-AM)
Peter Jones’s radio shows have included the following:

* Prove It!, a multi-guest talk show emphasizing critical examination of unproven claims from the worlds of science, health, religion, paranormal, history and popular culture
* Pop Goes the Culture, a weekly talk show focusing on popular culture, arts and entertainment
* Ticket to Ride, a general-interest afternoon-drive talk show

Radio experience

KWAB-AM (Working Assets): Boulder, Colo.  1999-2000. Format: News/Talk. Talk Host/Producer. Conceived, co-hosted and produced Prove It!, a weekly multi-guest talk show emphasizing critical examination of claims from the worlds of science, health, religion, paranormal, history, politics and popular culture. Generated coverage by press, websites and documentary filmmaker.

Colorado Public Radio (NPR): Denver, Colo. Format: News. 1990-1996. Reporter. Produced in-depth, award-winning NPR-style features and contributed same to National Public Radio, Public Radio International and other public radio networks. CPR is a three-stream statewide radio network broadcast on public radio stations across Colorado.

Boulder Broadcasting Corporation: Denver, Colo.  1989-1990.

-KNUS-AM (Business Radio Network):  Format: Business News/Talk.  Talk Host.  Host of Personal Gains, afternoon-drive talk show and news magazine. Commercial voice talent.

-KBXG-AM:  Format: News/Talk.  Talk Host/Producer. Host of Ticket to Ride, general-interest afternoon-drive talk show. Host and producer of Pop Goes the Culture, weekly show focusing on arts and entertainment. Produced off-beat Dumas After Dark and later morning-drive incarnation. Oversaw staff of reporters, commentators and other contributors.

KDZR-AM (Business Radio Network): Business Broadcast Group. Denver, Colo. 1988. Format: Business News/Talk. 1988-1989. Talk Host/Producer/Reporter. Host and producer of The Business of Health, a weekly talk show. Reporter and producer for Health Minute, a daily news feature. Producer and reporter for afternoon-drive news. Voice talent.

Huttner Broadcasting: Denver, Colo. 1987-1988.

-KDZR-AM (Z-Rock/Satellite Music Network): Format: Hard Rock. Operations/Production Manager. Organized launch of Denver’s first heavy-metal format. Managed satellite and local programming. Produced and voiced commercials. Maintained operation of automation system.

-KMDK-AM: Format: News/Talk. Operations Manager/Talk Host/Producer. Managed network and local programming. Host and producer of Speaker’s Corner, daily talk show. Trained and supervised hosts, board operators and interns. General management of programming and support staff.

KUNC-FM (NPR):  Greeley, Colo. Format: Diverse/News. 1986-1987. Music Announcer/Producer. Host of daily music shift combining classical, folk, new age, jazz and popular vocal music.